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JTIDS/Link 16 and Tactical Data Information Link (TADIL) Engineering Support

Märzen offers a wide range of expertise and practical field experience in the development of specialized software systems and components in the support of real time tactical communication systems.  Märzen staff have years of “ hands on” experience with these real-world tactical data architectures in both exercise and operational environments and have developed a firm understanding of their capabilities and limitations. 

Drawing from this experience Märzen software engineers have come to excel in the rapid design, development and deployment of Object Oriented software systems to augment existing tactical systems.   Märzen staff have often been tasked to deploy on very short notice to provide capabilities in remote locations that are essential to the success of a mission.   Consequently,  Märzen staff often play a significant role in both military exercises and in theatre operations by devising improvements to tactical operations with software and hardware solutions.

Märzen staff have extensive knowledge and experience with DOD tactical communications systems and the various TADIL message standards (Link 1, 4, 11, 11b, 16, 22, etc.).  Märzen staff have participated and sometimes lead the efforts to design and integrate the JTIDS radio and the LINK16 tactical message standard into a number of DOD aircraft and weapons systems including the F-15, AWACS, Joint Stars, GTACS, and ABCCC.  

Märzen expertise includes such diverse subjects as; JTIDS/MIDS radios, multi-TADIL network design, secure digital encryption devices, ethernet networks, tactical data modems, data forwarding and specialized serial devices. 

Märzen staff have consulted on the design and fielding of a number of the test tools and systems currently in service that are required for platform integration and LINK16 network testing. 

Currently,  Märzen consulting efforts are focused on the latest generation of tactical communications and networking equipment and provides software engineering and systems management expertise to the the US and International communities.   

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Copyright© 1999 - 2018  [Märzen Group LLC]. All rights reserved.
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