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The C2BMC Support Team (CST) provides systems engineering and consulting support to the Command and Control Ballistic Missile Contract (C2BMC) that is managed by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA).  This Märzen Group team supports the C2BMC development efforts with design guidance for both testing and operations of the Link 16 networks, design consultation for setting up and isolating networks for flight and ground tests, analyzing requirements for Operational Task Orders for Link 16 networks, and providing design guidance for Satellite Communications.


The CST also assists in the development of concepts of operation, assists in the proper collection of flight and ground test data, reviews and analyzes data and provide comparisons to model results, documents analysis and recommend changes to designs and/or models, and prepares briefings for Command level decisions.  In additional the CST provides support for C2BMC system deployment and site activation, system sustainment and Cybersecurity.


The CST provides operational sustainment and system deployment capabilities to include those items listed above, as well as developing, engineering, furnishing, installing, testing and maintaining the BCN Core Network, Link 16 Gateway, BCN Security and BCN Network Management monitoring, management and control tools for the BNOSC-C.


The CST provides integration and test capabilities to included support for pre-test coordination, participation in and monitoring of test events, and post-test analysis/reporting activities related to ground and flight test.  CST members brief Government management personnel on technical issues found during ground and flight tests.  They also make recommendations for improved performance in the future.  They help Government leaders to establish corrective action priorities with respect to technical need, funding availability and scheduled constraints.


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