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The Product Development Team is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of all Märzen Group products.  Märzen manufactures both hardware and software products.  The primary software product managed by the PDT is the Tactical Data Analysis and Connectivity System (TDACS) software suite.  This software suite permits interconnection with multiple military tactical communications networks and enables near-real-time data monitoring, analysis, conversion and intra-network routing.  Other PDT products provided under the TDACS include:

  • Static Tactical Message Injection [TMI]

  • Dynamic TADIL J Scenario Generation

  • DIS/ TADIL J Adjudication

  • TDACS 2D and 3D Map and GIS products

  • TDACS to Microsoft Office Monitoring and Analysis Tools

 The PDT operates under the guidance of the Märzen Configuration Control Board (CCB).  The CCB members represent each of the Märzen Group Product and Service areas and it controls the configuration of all Mäzen products.  The CCB manages Märzen product requirements, prioritizes release schedules, tracks issues with implementation, and supervises the deployments

The PDT is also responsible for the selection, testing, and integration of TDACS hardware components and windows software drivers with TDACS software.  Currently the PDT manages five (5) workstation hardware form factors that must be kept compliant with both the TDACS and the Windows 10 Operating System software.  The PDT keeps the TDACS workstation hardware near the leading edge of COTS hardware development and continuously verifies interoperability with the specialty hardware necessary for interconnection with tactical military communications equipment. 

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