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The Engineering Services Team (EST) provides Exercise and Live Fire Support to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and Combatant Command (COCOM) organizations.  Duties for the EST include but are limited to assist in the design of Wargames and TTXs, develop tactical data link (TDL) architecture for test and execution (if requested) that Model realistic and currently operationally implemented Information Exchanges and Data Forwarding, develop test TDL objectives, report identified TDL and Military Standard (MIL-STD) issues for each unit in an event, report TDL architecture deficiencies, and provide trouble shooting of TDL network issues and provides results to the Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO), Event Lead or Test Director.

As part of the EST planning function, the team may assist a JICO with TDL connectivity, network, OPTASK Link development, or Common Operational Picture (COP) trouble shooting, create and tailor Exercise OPTASK Link in lieu of existing documentation, create Active TADIL Desktop (ATD) displays for viewing by personnel as a replication of architecture, develop TDACS connections, routing, monitoring, and data collection plan for event test and execution, review test plans, provide TDACS/Link-16/Voice/COP input during their development, and attend event meetings and conferences as requested.

As part of the EST exercise participation functions, they monitor Modeling & Simulation architecture and reports identified issues, monitor event network for issues and/or latency as requested, analyze test and execution results of identified issues, archive test results via numerous methods for input into the test reports and perform data recording in various forms for customers as requested.

As part of the ESTs work with MDA test equipment, they report to MDA organizational lead the Tactical Data Analysis and Connectivity System (TDACS) utilization and availability for assigned exercises, perform monthly or situational Information Assurance (IA) updates to MDA and other TDACS as requested, perform DTWX TDACS software upgrades, RSA, and other required cyber software patching to ensure TDACS meets cyber/IA requirements, helps in the documentation required for Risk Management Framework (RMF) Authority to Operate (ATO) Security packages, submit Change Request for DTWX TDACS upgrades or modifications and coordinate and maintain TDACS hard drive inventory.

Upon purchase of TDACS turnkey systems, The EST delivers TDACS operator and/or maintenance training to our various customers. EST members also provide inputs for TDACS improvements, discrepancies, and operator manual updates to the Marzen Product Development Team (PDT) and Support Services Team (SST).


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